Yet Another YouTube Widget

This post is in english to accomodate people using this plugin.

Yet Another YouTube Widget (yayw) is a very simple plugin aimend at including YouTube videos to Widget bars.

The thing I didn’t find on all the other youtube widgets are the ability to use more than one. This plugin is very simple and supports the new class for widgets so you can have as much as you want.

You have control over the search keyword(s), the size of the images and the size of the player. It is accessible (works even with no JavaScript, though not without leaving the page, but still) and pretty lightweight (uses only jQuery, a library included with WordPress).

I currently have no idea want to do with the plugin ext, so if you’d like features added to it, don’t be shy, ask in the comments.

Till it’s accepted in the WordPress repository, you can get version 0.1.1


UPDATE: Seems the youtube API was updated so it now returns encoded strings as parameter. Version 0.1.2 is here


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