Is Apple really EPEAT Gold?

I know this blog has no prior credit what so ever but something struck me and I must write it down.

I was reading the estimated Canadien price for the iPad on ipadincanada.com. In the article they published a comparative list of $CAD vs $USD. Wanting to verify if they we’re right I went to the apple.ca/store, only to find out it was closed for an update.  So I surfed around the non-store pages of the site, wandering about, waiting for the store to open. I really felt like an old fart waiting for McDonald’s to open so I could get my 1 dollar coffee and steal a newspaper :P.

Being bored out of myself I then took upon me to read the EPEAT Gold requirement on the EPEAT website.  Here’s the criteria to get the EPEAT Gold stamp of approval:

“Meets all 23 required criteria plus at least 75% of the optional criteria.”

Oh well since all the criteria are listed at the bottom of the page I though to myself why not read them?

One of the required criteria is:

Upgradeable with common tools.”

The definition of which is:

“All desktop and notebook personal computers shall be upgradeable with common tools, including memory drives, chips and cards that can be changed or extended.”

Now while we can argue for MacBook and MacBook Pro if they fit the description, I know for a fact the MacBook Air does not, and the iMac is standing on the line. On the MB Air the RAM memory is soldered to the board (and so is the processor chip of all MacBook, Pro or not).

On the iMac you need succion cups to reach the board, hardly a common  tool.

So what’s up with that? Why can Apple keep its EPEAT Gold stamp? I’m puzzled.


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