Nexus 7 screen flickering after drop

Just fixed my Nexus 7 after my girlfriend dropped it on the floor. Figured I’d share my experience so people can stumble on it if they ever search Google because my search wasn’t very helpful. So here we go

What happened

My Nexus was in my bag which was hanging from the side of a whiteboard. My girlfriend walked to close to it and the bag fell on the ground. Second time this happened to my in less then 6 months. First time I brought it back to where I got it. They replaced it no questions asked.

This time around though I wasn’t so lucky. They told me to call ASUS customer support. Now I got on the site and they needed my serial number.

So I went ahead and open my Nexus 7 to get the SN. Once opened I figured it might as well try to fix it.

The symptoms

After dropping the tablet, it would boot but the screen would be garbled, only pitch black and  colorful noise. If you’re experiencing this right now, just know I feel your pain. It sucks.

The fix

It looked to me like this was a classic case of unplugged screen. Seemed weird to me that dropping a table on the floor would disconnect the screen, but I had nothing to lose.

Image iFixit all rights reserved

I went over to iFixit and found the article about replacing the screen to try and figure out which wire could be unplugged. I found it, didn’t even have to remove the battery it right below the battery connector. I just pushed the wire to the right, closed the tablet back and voilà! Problem solved.

Hope it helps!


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