Ninja Blocks

What I had to do to get my Ninja Blocks running

I went and order the december batch of Ninja Blocks. Got it in the mail last week. I was psyched!

What you need to do is not quite easy to figure out. So in order to save yourself a bunch of time I won’t get back, I’ll document everything here.

Register your NB

Plug it in the wired ethernet port, go in the backend of the NB interface and add it using the serial number. Once that’s done you’ll get the IP of the device.

Setup the NB so it’ll actually work

SSH into the NB (which is a beagleboard). Password is temppwd

ssh ubuntu@ip_of_the_NB
sudo su -

Update the Wifi chip, otherwise your setup process will never complete.

curl | bash

Install the NB management interface so the online backend will work

curl | bash

After that you can complete the setup on the administration page of the NB.